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Sports Massage: What Is It And Should You Get One?

May 28th, 2015

Sports Massage: What Is It And Should You Get One?

If you’ve been around organized sports, or if you’re into massage, you’ve probably heard the term “sports massage.”

But what exactly is a sports massage?

A sports massage isn’t necessarily a different type of massage.  It’s more of an approach or a way to use massage techniques.

Sports massage targets areas of the body adversely affected by physical activity (e.g. sore muscles)

The ultimate goal of sports massage is to decrease recovery time or get your body ready to do it all over again.  Sports massage is able to do this by relieving muscle tension and increasing circulation.

Of course, the athlete will also reap the other benefits of massage such as detoxification, stress reduction, and relaxation. 

When we think of sports massage we usually conjure up images of pre- and post-race runners getting their calves worked on by a trainer. 

This is the other way to use sports massage—to prepare for performance and to begin quickly the body’s recovery process. 

Generally, only big time athletes use sports massage to get ready for performance.  At the highest level, every advantage is important.  When you’re a recreational athlete your peak performance isn’t going to make much of a difference.   

That way of thinking is why many think a sports massage isn’t for them.  A lot of patients will tell their massage therapists that they’re not “real” athletes and therefore don’t need a sports massage.

That’s not true.

Just because you’re not a professional or world class athlete doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the benefits of a sports massage especially after your activity.

If you’re a weekend warrior, or you’re about to exercise after a long period of dormancy, you should seriously consider getting a sports massage.

Generally, you’ll schedule a sports massage within 24 to 48 hours AFTER your athletic activity. 

If you want to cut down on your recovery time, as well as alleviate your soreness, than you should schedule a massage just a few hours after your strenuous workout.

Before your massage make sure your massage therapist knows exactly where on your body you’re feeling pain.  They will also want to know if you’re concerned with injury treatment, recovery, or both.

Sports massage helps athletes of all kinds recover faster and perform better.  To receive a sports massage you don’t have to be a world class athlete.  All you have to be is serious about your health and enjoy a good massage.


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