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Infant Massage Provides Numerous Benefits

June 26th, 2015

Infant Massage Provides Numerous Benefits

For most people, the knee-jerk response to infant massage is a raised eyebrow.

Massage is synonymous with relaxation.  It’s what adults do when they’re stressed out or when their muscles are sore after a strenuous workout.

You don’t normally associate stress and strenuous workouts with infants—unless you count crying all night as exercise.

If you look closely at infant massage you’ll find that it’s much more than a trend.

Infant massage offers a plethora of benefits to infants…
>>Improved circulation, immune function, and alertness
>>Help with nervous system development
>>Assists parents in communicating with their infants
>>Positive influence on an infant’s development
>>Enhances baby’s ability to sleep
>>Aids baby in relaxing
>>Helps relieve congestion brought on by colds

So, infant massage is real and beneficial.  Does that mean you should take your baby to a licensed therapist and place them on a table with a little towel around their waists?

No. You give your baby a massage. 

You can learn the basics of infant massage from a fully licensed therapist.  Of course, you don’t need a class in order to touch you baby.  Just remember to be extremely GENTLE.

“You don’t want a lot of pressure, just sort of soft stroking going on,” says Linda Bradbury, licensed massage therapist and infant massage instructor. “It’s recommended that you massage your infant every night—make it part of their bedtime routine.  Use a very light touch and focus on their feet, hands, and ears.  If time allows, move to the lower back and legs.“

When we talk about infant massage we are talking about massaging newborns to children around two years old. 

The biggest benefit of infant massage is the opportunity for the parent and child to bond. 

When giving an infant a massage, you’re totally focused on your baby.   This creates a very intimate experience that will bring you closer together and will improve your ability to communicate with your child.

That alone is reason enough to start massaging your infant.

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